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What do I need to know about mold?

Where there was water there is a potential to be mold! It can grow on the inside and outside of walls, behind cabinets, under sinks given the right conditions it can grow on virtually any substance. When excessive moisture is allowed to accumulate in your home or office, (like in the case of a water emergency) the potential for mold to grow is great and if allowed to grow without proper treatment it can quickly get out of hand and become a huge financial expense to a homeowner. There are many different types of mold and all of them are capable of reproducing and creating spores which are generally unrecognizeable to the human eye. Some types of mold are hazardous and even deadly to humans if not preoperly treated. Because of the way that mold reproduces it will gradually destroy the things that it is growing on, if this happens inside of a wall by the time you notice, it might be too late to save your property.

What is Mold Remidiation?

Mold definition is the act of removing the materials that are housing the mold and ensuring that the mold is stopped in its tracks and not allowed to further grow and produce spores. At ADT Restoration, we use trained professionals and the latest equipment to quickly diagnose and document our findings detailing the recommended steps before starting work. After discussing with you our recommendation, we will start the process of setting up our equipment which will handle the ventilation, containment and eradication of the offending mold in the safest way possible. After completing this process we will apply a specialized solution to all infected surfaces to ensure the the mold is not able to find a new foothold in which to spread. After our remediation process is complete, we will perform a final inspection, to ensure that your home is mold free. Call us today to prevent further damage to your home and furnishings, save money, and shield your family from the potential health risks by contacting ADT Restoration today!