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With our vast experience in the restoration business we have had the chance to work with many different customers and show them how dedicated we are to providing the best possible service. Don't take our word for it; read the following customer / partner testimonials!

I am more than happy to recommend ADT Restoration's services. After discovering that our bedroom wall seemed to be a little damp we really didn't know what to do. I called my home warranty and was told they would not cover the damage. I started looking for contractors to at least stop the leak. I'm really glad I found ADT Restoration,they came within an hour and using tools that I didn't have laying around, were able to determine that the drain to my shower had broken, this was something that was covered by my insurance company. Before I knew it they were walking me through the process of filing a claim, they even paid my deductible. The damage was pretty severe and it required most of my bathroom to be rebuilt but ADT took care of it! ADT got there in time to ensure that I didn't end up with mold growing in the walls and helped me with every step of the project. If not for ADT Restoration's attention to detail I might have ended up paying for this job out of my own pocket or dealing with a much larger issue had I chosen to try to fix it myself. The big thing about this experience that really stand out to me is how they took the time to talk to me about my damages and pointed out things like damage to my furniture, which I would not have known to look for, or even would have thought to file a claim for. ADT was quick, knowledgeable and saved me alot of money.

- Chad Torkkola, ADT customer

I had a pipe break in my upstairs bathroom which caused sewage water to leak through my kitchen light fixture. Yuck! I was in a complete panic when ADT Restoration showed up. From the moment they stepped foot through my door they were calming me down. They basically said that they were here now and everything would be fine. They walked through my house and showed extensive knowledge right away. They talked straight to the insurance company for me and I knew they were going to get the job done right. They put fans up to dry out my house on the first day and saved my home from mold! I cannot say enough about ADT Restoration! They are amazing. Randy, Trevor, and Dustin thank you so much for all that you do. Life savers you are.

- Nicole B , via Yelp